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          Resin for pipes / components

          Product center

          Resin for pipes / components
          NameCategoryViscosity25℃/pa.sGel time25℃/minParticularity and use
          202Phthalic0.35~1.206~22High strength and good manufacturability; suitable for winding forming pipeline structure layer
          196ASP-Benzene0.30~0.557~18Pre-promotion, excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and good manufacturability; suitable for structural layers of winding shaped pipes and large components
          196ANP-Benzene0.35~0.605~13Excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, good temperature resistance; suitable for winding forming pipes, structural layers of large components, and also used for hand lay-up molding
          196DGP-Benzene0.40~1.206~22Excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, good toughness, high impact resistance; suitable for pipe products such as pipe jacking
          102M-benzene0.20~0.404~12Good toughness, excellent temperature resistance and chemical resistance; it is a resin with good comprehensive performance for winding lining / structure layer

          * Note: The above data is for reference only, please confirm again before choosing, our company reserves the right to modify the product data due to development