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          Resin for crafts

          Product center

          Resin for crafts
          NameCategoryViscosity25℃/pa.sGel time25℃/minParticularity and use
          128Phthalic0.40~0.703~7Medium reactivity, high transparency, high gloss; suitable for making high-end bar buttons and transparent casting crafts, etc.
          607Phthalic0.12~0.202~4Low water mark, small shrinkage, high whiteness, high filler ratio, general-purpose resin for crafts
          629Phthalic acid0.40~0.604~9Has excellent flexibility and bending resistance; suitable for making wood-like furniture and decorative strips, and can also be used in conjunction to adjust the impact resistance and toughness
          111Phthalic0.40~0.803~9Moderate reactivity, good toughness, good defoaming property, dry surface of product, dedicated to the production of small casting crafts
          112Phthalic acid0.40~0.803~9High strength and excellent impact resistance; suitable for making crafts with overestimation, high strength, high toughness and crack resistance
          618Phthalic0.12~0.252~8High reactivity, pre-promotion, low viscosity, high filler ratio, good coloring, easy to remove; suitable for making various casting crafts
          615P-Benzene0.12~0.252~8High reactivity, high strength, good toughness, low viscosity, high filler ratio, good coloring, easy to remove; suitable for making dark imitation rosewood casting crafts

          * Note: The above data is for reference only, please confirm again before choosing, our company reserves the right to modify the product data due to development