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          Corrugated board / flat resin

          Product center

          Corrugated board / flat resin
          CategoryViscosity25℃/pa.sGel time25℃/minParticularity and use
          122Phthalic0.15~0.307~13Good wettability, high strength, good light transmittance, aging resistance; suitable for making lighting tiles
          125Phthalic0.18~0.306~10Excellent wettability, good transparency and toughness of the board, and high comprehensive cost performance
          105Phthalic0.18~0.306~10Excellent wettability and good transparency
          126Phthalic0.15~0.307~13Good wettability, high strength, good light transmission, good aging resistance and light stability; suitable for the production of lighting tiles with high light transmission requirements
          326Phthalic0.15~0.357~13Good wettability, high strength and good toughness; suitable for mechanical FRP plates
          336P-Benzene0.15~0.357~13Good wettability, high strength and good toughness; suitable for mechanical FRP plates

          * Note: The above data is for reference only, please confirm again before choosing, our company reserves the right to modify the product data due to development